Saturday, October 18, 2008

Traders, crazy animals ? who watch over them ?

The fastest animal on earth...except by law_keven via FlickrToday two french articles taken from my favorite economic newsletter, l'expansion.
The firts one deals with french stock market instability.
Nothong new, but one of the explanation is so epic that I wana share it  : ""Une partie de cette industrie (the hedge funds) est en train de mourir, peut-être la moitié, explique-t-il. Donc ils liquident leurs actifs en catastrophe, dans une peur animale, et sans considération pour les nouvelles économiques."

In English : Hedge Funds industry is about to die and Hedge Funds traders sell their shares disastrously, with an animal fear, without any consideration for economy news.

Grrrr, traders are not human, they're just animal. (ex-rich animals in fact :) )

Groupe Caisse d'EpargneThe second article deals about the 660 millions lost of a French bank, the Caisse d'Eprargne. The article explain that's it's a big lost caused by stupid traders, and
only by this group of stupid traders. All the others are good boys. (660 millions, it's just 12 times what Jerome Jerviel, the Societe General terror has lost, what a pity, so much nois for this drop, pff, we where so naive at this time ;) )

What I love in this article is the titre : Caisse d'Epargne victim of crazy traders.

After animls traders, here are cray traders.

Who are those who manage these cray fools or whose who tame these dangerous animals ?
Because every body knows that animals and crazy people are legally irresponsible.

It's next episode.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No morality before, no moraliy during, no morality after.

evoluton du CAC40 depyis sa créationImage via Wikipedia

Under dozens of billions, it’s detail now. That's new economy, wake up!

You try to see your equity portfolio increasing by 8% a year, you suck again man!

Today CAC 40 rises up by about 10%!

Tomorrow will be the same!

So don't lose time with less than 7% a day, please.

Life is a big casino; nothing has more value than money. Don't try to build something, just play, buy, sell, buy, sell, take as much risk as you need and ask government help I you missed a big deal and you're in danger.

To save the planet, to feed dying people: "no money sorry"

To save banks: "Ok, how much do you need (i'll right with numbers it's more talkative), do you want $700 000 000 000?" "Ok man, here you hav", "Don't hesitate to ask me more if you need brothe'

Democracy and liberalism is not as good as I thought...

Friday, October 10, 2008

we’re still alive

NASDAQ in Times Square, New York City.Image via WikipediaStock markets  are falling for about 1 month now and we're still alive.

Billions of dollars were burned and nothing change for us. When will it happen ? Something will happen a day ?

By "us", I mean people who don't work in banks or for banks, people who don't possess market share.

Crisis is on TV, on radios, on newspaper but crisis is invisible.

Augmentation of the GRP and stock markets seems to not be a necessity. People realize they don't have to eat every day more to keep healthy.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Democracy and liberalism, not as beautiful as my teachers said

Closing the templeImage by Nicolas Masse via FlickrDemocracy and liberalism=hapiness  and development keys. Wrong, you were wrong dears teachers.

Nowadays, liberalism is cracking, stressing everybody, ruining companies, people, and preserving very rich people who "can survive" easily.

Democracy is the shape, of a system, totally locked by a bunch of politics, who battle for power, prestige and money ... If you're not a "friend of", go away, it's none of your business.
(in France, the Canard enchainé newspaper is a great newspaper to see it)
Democracy hides it behind its shape of equity, freedom but at 23 years, I've realized that politics ego, money, and glory seeking govern us, "civilized country".

Some statistics to prove that suffering is not a specific feature of dictatorship :
60 % of French people are afraid of getting homeless (here)
Car accident kill less people than suicide in Europe (here)

Just two example to prove than evil is not very time where we think it is...

How can we handle this ? Perhaps simply live our life, being honest, trying to reach goals we wanna reach, act locally, and try to keep in touch with reality.  Always be available for your family and friends and trying to be too with other who needs (the man you see when you take the metro every morning)
Not very ambitious ? Perhaps, but I think it make us happy

Friday, October 3, 2008

New world release soon

Elaborate marble facade of NYSE as seen from t...It's crisis. A negative term to describe hight difficulties of a system.

Okay it's not fun for bank account managers who will have difficulties to go to the restaurant every night, it's not fun for taxi drivers or transport companies but from my point of view, It's a bit exiting ...

The world where traders play all day long with nothing, produce nothing, modifiy dangerously raw products prices, create bubble, destabilize companies for a profit warning ...might desapear

The word where a tomato produced in France is more expensive than a spanish one, which is more expensive than a moroccan one, where transport cost is so ridiculous that every companies consider world like a sort of magic supermarket ...might desapear

The world where energy is wasted wasted and wasted again, and hearth is irreversibly damaged ...might change

It's interesting to see Paulson ans friends trying to save their loved system, a system they have completely locked...
It's interesting to see Oil producer countries trying to find more and more oil sources, and powerful countries opening war arguing terrorism reasons to keep an eye and a hand on oil sources ...

I hope they won't succeed. Bankruptcy, end of oil, end of product waste is scary but, perhaps it's like a childbirth, a hard time, before a sweet relief.

It's never good to push to the end a system, it's like overcking a CPU too much, it burns, it burns the motherboard and could damage RAM.
"Au final", it would have been cheaper to change the CPU than to change the CPU, the motherboard and RAM's sticks