Democracy and liberalism, not as beautiful as my teachers said

Closing the templeImage by Nicolas Masse via FlickrDemocracy and liberalism=hapiness  and development keys. Wrong, you were wrong dears teachers.

Nowadays, liberalism is cracking, stressing everybody, ruining companies, people, and preserving very rich people who "can survive" easily.

Democracy is the shape, of a system, totally locked by a bunch of politics, who battle for power, prestige and money ... If you're not a "friend of", go away, it's none of your business.
(in France, the Canard enchainé newspaper is a great newspaper to see it)
Democracy hides it behind its shape of equity, freedom but at 23 years, I've realized that politics ego, money, and glory seeking govern us, "civilized country".

Some statistics to prove that suffering is not a specific feature of dictatorship :
60 % of French people are afraid of getting homeless (here)
Car accident kill less people than suicide in Europe (here)

Just two example to prove than evil is not very time where we think it is...

How can we handle this ? Perhaps simply live our life, being honest, trying to reach goals we wanna reach, act locally, and try to keep in touch with reality.  Always be available for your family and friends and trying to be too with other who needs (the man you see when you take the metro every morning)
Not very ambitious ? Perhaps, but I think it make us happy

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