No morality before, no moraliy during, no morality after.

evoluton du CAC40 depyis sa créationImage via Wikipedia

Under dozens of billions, it’s detail now. That's new economy, wake up!

You try to see your equity portfolio increasing by 8% a year, you suck again man!

Today CAC 40 rises up by about 10%!

Tomorrow will be the same!

So don't lose time with less than 7% a day, please.

Life is a big casino; nothing has more value than money. Don't try to build something, just play, buy, sell, buy, sell, take as much risk as you need and ask government help I you missed a big deal and you're in danger.

To save the planet, to feed dying people: "no money sorry"

To save banks: "Ok, how much do you need (i'll right with numbers it's more talkative), do you want $700 000 000 000?" "Ok man, here you hav", "Don't hesitate to ask me more if you need brothe'

Democracy and liberalism is not as good as I thought...

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