Why do we build sand castles?

When we were kids, we built sand castles on the beach.
We knew it will be destroyed. We knew it's somewhat useless but we loved it.

When we are adults, we still do kind of sand castles.
We spend a lot of time "chilling", checking Facebook, watching series, checking Facebook again, watching TV, playing video games.

Why don't we spend our free time being useful to someone/something, helping others, creating meaningful things?

Voice interfaces and bots are hitting the metadata wall, just like classic search

What is a metadata?
"It describes the types, versions, relationships and other characteristics of digital materials." Wikipedia.

How is it used in search?

Imagine that "shirt A" has the following metadata in an e-commerce website:

Size: S, M, L, XLColor: blackStyle: funnyAvailablity: US, EuropeMaterial: syntheticDesign: street art.

If you search on the e-commerce website search engine:
"street art shirt", and narrow color to black shirts, "shirt A" will pop up.

If you ask this e-commerce website's bot:
"do you have a funny black shirt?" It will pop!

Metadata magic.

Without metadata, search engines can't work, neither than voice search or bots.

If you seek a restaurant serving good fish, with decent veggie options, with a terrace, at 10 km max from where you live, you'll suffer finding it.

Most search engines don't attach quality of a certain category of dishes (here, fish) to a restaurant. Most list veggie restaur…

Kickbox, Adobe's "basic income" to transform people into innvoators

I've attended a Kickbox session at Adobe. I wanted to share some learnings with you.
Why Kickbox?
Transform all Adobe employees into innovators.
Adobe seeks ideas nobody else can do, ideas providing an unfair advantage to Adobe.

Why not just letting employees suggest ideas in an “idea box”?

Because the idea without the "ideaer" is useless. Adobe doesn’t need a database of ideas. It needs innovators driving ideas from a zen statement to a productised feature.
Why do I say it's  like basic income? Because each participant to a Kickbox session receive 1000 dollars to work on its projet. No control on money spending. Adobe give full confidence to its staff. It makes me think of basic income principle!
And the good thing is that as a Kickbox trainee, getting this sum motivates me! I feel I need to make great things in exchange of this generous gift!

Gathering feedback tips
No idea survives the first contact with a customer intact. It’s important to confront ideas to customers, p…

Brands will die if they continue to focus on list browsing and don't embrace conversational interactions

People don't want what they wanted 15 years ago: lists.

People don't like to search, they like to find.
15 years ago, they wanted to find pages. Google solved it. The web was a bunch of walled garden portals. It was hard to just reach a website.
10 years ago, they wanted to find lists of things they are interested in to browse them: flights, clothes, hotel rooms, articles, anything. Tripadvisor, Expedia, Amazon, eBay etc. emerged.
Now people (for now early adopters an in the coming years, everybody) want to find answers to their questions. They don't care lists. They don't want to browse.
Uber (and other taxi apps) got it. You don't care what car, what guy, you want to know how much to go from A to B with a good quality.
Amazon Now got it. You don't want an infinite choice of goods, just a limited set of references, delivered quickly.
TimeToSignOff (a newsletter in France) got it: a limited set of information, high quality, picked with caution.
Tinder got it. Y…

Japan's population to shrink by a third by 2065. Excessive footprint problem: check!

Japan way of life consume energy. Air cond, over packaging, heavy consumption, awesome electric toilets, etc.
But they're country doing the most for the planet.
Being less.

PS: to contradict myself a bit, they are not that bad for the planet: they developed a category of cars, perfect in cities, consuming less gas than classic ones, an they invented Prius, the first successful electric car, and they keep crazy big parks in cities, and they don't experience much pollution peak meaning they found some ways to consume a lot without getting asphyxiated and I'm sure they do tons of things good that I ignore.

Not putting perfume makes you unique

When we smell the perfume of someone we like(d) or love(d), we're happy (or nostalgic, it depends). It's Pavlovian.
Opposite phenomena: When we smell the perfume of someone who made us suffer, we're not happy.
But a person you liked or loved and who did not wear any perfume. You'll never smell it again. It's gone.

I experienced that multitasking was an illusion

At Adobe we had a session consisting in packing meals for starving people.
The office became a big assembly line.

We all had specific tasks we were repeating as fast as we can, optimizing each gesture.
Each time someone started chatting, each time someone started watching something else than his task, he made mistakes.

Worst, each time it took him a couple of seconds to re-focus.

Terrible proof that multitasking is an illusion.