Traders, crazy animals ? who watch over them ?

The fastest animal on earth...except by law_keven via FlickrToday two french articles taken from my favorite economic newsletter, l'expansion.
The firts one deals with french stock market instability.
Nothong new, but one of the explanation is so epic that I wana share it  : ""Une partie de cette industrie (the hedge funds) est en train de mourir, peut-être la moitié, explique-t-il. Donc ils liquident leurs actifs en catastrophe, dans une peur animale, et sans considération pour les nouvelles économiques."

In English : Hedge Funds industry is about to die and Hedge Funds traders sell their shares disastrously, with an animal fear, without any consideration for economy news.

Grrrr, traders are not human, they're just animal. (ex-rich animals in fact :) )

Groupe Caisse d'EpargneThe second article deals about the 660 millions lost of a French bank, the Caisse d'Eprargne. The article explain that's it's a big lost caused by stupid traders, and
only by this group of stupid traders. All the others are good boys. (660 millions, it's just 12 times what Jerome Jerviel, the Societe General terror has lost, what a pity, so much nois for this drop, pff, we where so naive at this time ;) )

What I love in this article is the titre : Caisse d'Epargne victim of crazy traders.

After animls traders, here are cray traders.

Who are those who manage these cray fools or whose who tame these dangerous animals ?
Because every body knows that animals and crazy people are legally irresponsible.

It's next episode.

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