New world release soon

Elaborate marble facade of NYSE as seen from t...It's crisis. A negative term to describe hight difficulties of a system.

Okay it's not fun for bank account managers who will have difficulties to go to the restaurant every night, it's not fun for taxi drivers or transport companies but from my point of view, It's a bit exiting ...

The world where traders play all day long with nothing, produce nothing, modifiy dangerously raw products prices, create bubble, destabilize companies for a profit warning ...might desapear

The word where a tomato produced in France is more expensive than a spanish one, which is more expensive than a moroccan one, where transport cost is so ridiculous that every companies consider world like a sort of magic supermarket ...might desapear

The world where energy is wasted wasted and wasted again, and hearth is irreversibly damaged ...might change

It's interesting to see Paulson ans friends trying to save their loved system, a system they have completely locked...
It's interesting to see Oil producer countries trying to find more and more oil sources, and powerful countries opening war arguing terrorism reasons to keep an eye and a hand on oil sources ...

I hope they won't succeed. Bankruptcy, end of oil, end of product waste is scary but, perhaps it's like a childbirth, a hard time, before a sweet relief.

It's never good to push to the end a system, it's like overcking a CPU too much, it burns, it burns the motherboard and could damage RAM.
"Au final", it would have been cheaper to change the CPU than to change the CPU, the motherboard and RAM's sticks

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