7 keys of storytelling - John Sadowsky

Lakota storyteller: painting.Image via WikipediaRecently read book by John Sadowsky, a famous storytelling guru.

Here are some takeaways :


  • Leadership is about telling a story people want to be part of. It must give sense of belonging and possibility
  • Stories define who we are, provide our sens of self and our self of meaning
  • When you fail to / do not communicate, clients and observers will fill the space
  • We must communicate : quick, transparent, show that u are here
  • People love to share them - user generated stories often shape brand identity more than its own company message
How to handle it as a marketing tool ?
  • Marketing : email, social media and storytelling
  • We must have plans & goals
  • Do you measure marketing success with email optin database ? no, same for fans
  • Focus on conversation quality
  • Don't hire a conversation company, become one !
  • Survey fans to know them better
  • Make fans celebrities
  • Email list invited to be fan, influence friends, they become fan, subscibe, etc => cycle

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