Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mechanical Turk & HIT : the future of most of jobs?

"Mechanical Turk gives businesses and developers access to an on-demand, scalable workforce:
- Flexibility: Scale your workforce up and down quickly
- Accuracy: Get high-quality, cost-effective results
- Speed: Start receiving results in minutes

You can dynamically scale your workforce as your business demands:
-Access more than 500,000 Workers from 190 countries
- Connect with Workers who have a variety of skill sets and capabilities
- Scale up and down in minutes

- You decide how much to pay Workers for each HIT (Human Intelligence Task)
- Pay only when you're satisfied with the work."

What's the hell is this? Slavery? Close. It's Amazon Mechanical Turk. Why this name?

Tomorrow, there will be:

  • Robotized tasks. If your job can be robotized, change.
  • Human Intelligence tasks (HIT). If your job can be divided into very small tasks, be careful.
  • Few jobs too complex to automate and to divide into small HIT. If machines cannot replace you for now. Good luck, enjoy and help others.

Other examples of HIT:

  • Uber: Freelance anonymous drivers selected by an algorithm to drive people from A to B using an automated itinerary, tracked by a GPS and automatically rated and scored. Do you know the name of your Uber driver? No. He's just an "HIT".
  • Amazon "On my way": anybody can be an "HIT" to deliver a parcel. 

HIT is the dream of liberalism. A scalable workforce 100% freelance, paid 100% on performance, hyper flexible, cheap and potentially not paid if they don't work enough. Uber don't hesitate to be very directive with its drivers.

So much jobs could be HITted tomorrow. That's a bit scary. 
We criticize a lot companies, its structure, working conditions etc. Looking at HIT, a big company and a real contract seems to be a kind of paradise.

When you don't care about possessing and doing

I read a lot of things about Buddhism. Letting go, no attachement, no ego, no possessions, seeing urges, watching it like a child game of a show and then letting them go, everything comes and go. Big concepts.
I also recently read The Secret. Great book to be crazy positive. One chapter explain that when you think you have something very strongly, you get the feeling to have it and... does not need it anymore. You got it.

And I'm quite afraid because I'm starting to succeeding doing it...

I was starving travelling before, wondering how I could have enough time and money to check my destination todolist...
And now, I don't care... 
I still love travelling. I'd be happy to see Jordan, San Fran, Nepal, Egypt, India.
But I don't care if I don't go there. 
These countries are here. I love them. I'm sure I'd love to meet people there and see buildings there.
But I don't really care. Knowing the existence of these country and loving them is sufficient.
Same for Paris. I love the city but I don't really care to live in it.

Same for possessions. Yes I like clothes, a big house, watches, but I have difficulties to really care about it. Yes I want to buy a flat but I don't put any pressure on this project. I consume but without urges. I just try to spend my money wisely...
That's very funny to feel this in a consumption based world.

Same with people I love.
I love a lot of people: friends, family, muses, lovers, etc.
Before, friends not calling me, refusing an invite, girls I love not loving me back, seeing or remembering previous relationships was hard and made me depressed.
Now I don't feel that sad and bad.
Even if I see them or not, it doesn't change love I have for my favorite humans. Indeed, why needing a kind of repetition of time with them. Repetition does not bring more joy.
I just try to give love to them and I try to not expect any give back. I say try because it's not that easy but I made a lot of progress. It's quite beautiful.

Work is maybe the last place where I'm very pushy to get what I want and nothing else and challenge me.
Don't know why. Any idea?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The biggest Catholics's mistake of the 21th century?

Churches without colours.

Mosques are amazing places. 
Synagogues too. 
Buddhist temples too.
Shinto temples too. 
Orthodox temples too.
Consumption temples too.

Before churches were colourful, full of joy. They were forums, open places where everything happened.
And now? Very sad white spaces. No decoration. No color. Is it attractive? welcoming?

Why not painting churches like it was the case during Middle-Age. It seemed to work. Church  was very influential at this time. 

A couple of great books I read and loved

 One of my friend and colleague, Lily, asked me what was my top book recommandation.
As I log all I read in a sheet and put the tag "bible" on my favorite book, it was not too hard to select the greatest among the more than 250 rows.

Here is the list:

Et si c'est un homme - Primo Lévi

Live in Nazi camps. This booked changed the way I see life, the way I see humans, the way I see hunger, fear, cold and sadness, pain. I realized that my sadness, hunger, fear, cold pain are just jokes.
Primo Levi survived camps and committed suicide....

Danniel Pennac books
Malaussene family. North of Paris, multicultural stories, friends, families, all hands in hands. Full of joy. Amazing
Chagrin d'Ecole, other amazing book from him.
Him and Amélie Nothomb. I read most of their books.

Memore de Porc-Epic - Alain Mabanckou

I touched African culture with this boook. Loved it. I learned esotericism and animism.
Makes me think of Arto Passillinna, Finish writer. I learned also from him Nordics gods, relationship to nature and elements. Amazing.

Terre des oublis - Duong Thu Huong
I love Vietnam and Vietnamese culture.
This book is not fun. It's sad, it's dramatic but the style of this woman is awesome. I did not just read this book, I felt it with my flesh & bones. Still remember the feeling I felt.

Propaganda - Bernays
The pope of marketing and communication explain what is ads when Mad Mens ruled the world. Amazing. I'll never forgot how we succeed to make smoking cool for women. Genius.

Le plein s'il vous plait - Jean-Marc Jancovici, Alain Grandjean
This booked opened my eyes on the importance of oil in the world.
Oil is alpha and omega of our civilization. The reason why WW1 happened, the reason why WW2 was lost by Nazis, the reason why most of recent wars happened, the reason why economy rise and fall, the reason why we "all" have iPhones and fly over the world for a couple of hundred dollars.

Linchpin - Seth Godin
Stop. This book changed my life. I switch from just living to drawing a piece of art, from doing to shipping. I learned why commitment, what ownership, what delivering mean. I thank Seth everyday for writing this bible. This and Getting Things Done changed myself a lot. It made me much more productive and engaged in what I do.
I learned most of its other books.

How to make friends and influence people - Dale Carnegie.
Stop. Second bible. This book learned me that life is all about connexions and that humans are positive by default. Since I read it, I try to apply its lessons. It's like "Never eat alone", another bible.

Le parfum - Suskind.
This book is unique. When you read it you smell things, you feel things. Can't be forgotten.

Tarzan la banane - ?
The first book I read. I loved and then read a lot. Never found it again. Maybe I dreamed it.
I aslo loved the Jobard. This book, I'm sure very common transformed me into heavy reader.

Bonjour Tristesse - Sagan.
Sagan knows what's love, hate, suffering, joy. I often feel she's talking about me, my stories (and it's not very positive...). She's my therapist. "Un peu de soleil dans l'eau froide" was also amazing.

De la propagande - Chomsky.
Stop. I learned that our world was not friendly and perfectly unequal with Chomsky. We're dominated, manipulated and politics all lie. I did not become Anarchist with Chomsky, I just stop believing all I read and see. I learn to analyse and never forget the wrong reason to attack Vietnam and start VN War, the way South America was dominated by very hard methods by the US, etc.

L'art de la méditation - Mathieu Ricard.
Moved to Buddhism with this book. Slowly but surely. This guy is great and has a crazy life.
Then I read other amazing Buddhist books: Pratique de la voie tibetaine by Chohyam Trungpa, Bonheur entre vos mains by Dzigar Kongtrul, La vie de Budha by Tezuka Osamu.

Le grand voyage de la vie : Un père raconte à son fils - Tiziano Terzani.
This guy has the most amazing life I've ever seen. This book learned me a lot. How lucky we are that Tiziano did this book with his son and shared with us his life. Amazing amazing amazing.

Steve Jobs.
This guy is a successful genius. I already know that.
He also made a lot of mistakes, took wrong decisions, took drugs, did crazy diet, did not wash for weeks, had crazy love and friendship stories. He's a crazy life enjoyer. And that's coooool.

Love and pop - Murakami Ryu.
I feel bad thinking of this book. Too much tension. Too much weird atmosphere. Test Murakami Ryu. It's an experience.

Quo vadis - Henryk Sienkiewicz.
I learned what Catholicism is with this book. The roots of this religion, very beautiful roots.

Après l'Empire - Emmanuel Todd.
Ethology. I learned what it is with this book and Hans Rosling TED Talks and Le Dessous des Cartes TV show). Understand the world analysis big stats, population characteristics on the very long term, behaviour changes along centuries. I learned me to take distance with fresh news and check figures by myself.

Start with Why - Simon Sineck.
I try to use it every day at work. Don't focus on features, on benefits, focus on WHY because people buy WHY you do things. Marketers's thing...

Beigbeder - L'amour dure 3 ans.
I love Beigbeder, all his books. He's an amazing lover and life lover. This book helped and learned me a lot. I also loved un Roman Français. Very well written.

Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur - Les jeux de pouvoirs.
Crèvecoeur learned me that we get ill because of our mental most of times. Servan Schreber too. Thanks to them, I try to keep cool and not get stressed. I try to love other and life even it's not always easy :)

The one Skill - Leo Batuba.
Zen to Done blogger. Leo is my therapist and coach. I read him every day (with Seth). I re-read certain blog posts from him like mantras. He learned me to see live differently and be a better me. This book is a great sum up of his philosophy.
In the same vein, I also loved The Secret, same very positive book to see life positively.

Some Classics: Victor Hugo, Zola, Maupassant, Homère, Molière, Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Vernes. Read a lot of books from them. Loved it. They influenced me a lot too, for sure!


Friday, June 12, 2015

You're reading Buddhist stuff and you don't even know...

Letting go, letting events happen and adapt, focusing on the present, being altruist, being positive, showing compassion, wiseness, considering other with respect, do not focusing on its self or ego, do not getting nervous, do not take things seriously, just walk, continue its way, don't self create issues, take time to think, pause, smile, give love, be altruist.

Is it a top manager best practice, is it a communication guide, is it an entrepreneur golden rules list, are they Facebook or Tesla mantas, is it extract from Seth Godin last book, is it a positive economy list of concepts.

It could, but it's just Buddhism concepts.

It's funny to see that even if this religion is not very successful worldwide in comparison with the 3 big monotheist ones, its concepts are everywhere. Communication, marketing, economy, entrepreneurship, innovation, these fields are irrigated with Buddhist concepts.