Mechanical Turk & HIT : the future of most of jobs?

"Mechanical Turk gives businesses and developers access to an on-demand, scalable workforce:
- Flexibility: Scale your workforce up and down quickly
- Accuracy: Get high-quality, cost-effective results
- Speed: Start receiving results in minutes

You can dynamically scale your workforce as your business demands:
-Access more than 500,000 Workers from 190 countries
- Connect with Workers who have a variety of skill sets and capabilities
- Scale up and down in minutes

- You decide how much to pay Workers for each HIT (Human Intelligence Task)
- Pay only when you're satisfied with the work."

What's the hell is this? Slavery? Close. It's Amazon Mechanical Turk. Why this name?

Tomorrow, there will be:

  • Robotized tasks. If your job can be robotized, change.
  • Human Intelligence tasks (HIT). If your job can be divided into very small tasks, be careful.
  • Few jobs too complex to automate and to divide into small HIT. If machines cannot replace you for now. Good luck, enjoy and help others.

Other examples of HIT:

  • Uber: Freelance anonymous drivers selected by an algorithm to drive people from A to B using an automated itinerary, tracked by a GPS and automatically rated and scored. Do you know the name of your Uber driver? No. He's just an "HIT".
  • Amazon "On my way": anybody can be an "HIT" to deliver a parcel. 

HIT is the dream of liberalism. A scalable workforce 100% freelance, paid 100% on performance, hyper flexible, cheap and potentially not paid if they don't work enough. Uber don't hesitate to be very directive with its drivers.

So much jobs could be HITted tomorrow. That's a bit scary. 
We criticize a lot companies, its structure, working conditions etc. Looking at HIT, a big company and a real contract seems to be a kind of paradise.