You're reading Buddhist stuff and you don't even know...

Letting go, letting events happen and adapt, focusing on the present, being altruist, being positive, showing compassion, wiseness, considering other with respect, do not focusing on its self or ego, do not getting nervous, do not take things seriously, just walk, continue its way, don't self create issues, take time to think, pause, smile, give love, be altruist.

Is it a top manager best practice, is it a communication guide, is it an entrepreneur golden rules list, are they Facebook or Tesla mantas, is it extract from Seth Godin last book, is it a positive economy list of concepts.

It could, but it's just Buddhism concepts.

It's funny to see that even if this religion is not very successful worldwide in comparison with the 3 big monotheist ones, its concepts are everywhere. Communication, marketing, economy, entrepreneurship, innovation, these fields are irrigated with Buddhist concepts.