Tendances marketing avec 2 sources géniales : HBR et Seth Godin

Un court billet pour vous faire découvrir ou redécouvrir deux de mes sources préférées en matière de tendances marketing : Seth Godin et Harvard Business Review (ou HBR).

Petit teasing sur les publications de ces deux géniales sources :

HBR : A highly customized email sent two weeks after a prospect registers online at a seller's site gets much less response than a semi-standardized outreach that is sent within a day.
Companies that showed some initial eagerness, even if they didn't appear to be typical buyers, were more likely to buy than ideal customers that had expressed only mild interest.
The junior guy is often doing research for the buying executive. A conversation with the junior guy, who is much easier to reach, frequently yields key information on buying needs that salespeople can use to close the deal.

Seth : There are things that people vitally need... and yet providing it is no guarantee you'll find demand. Please don't get confused by what the market needs. That's something you decided, not them.
If you want to help people lose weight, you need to sell them something they demand, like belonging or convenience, not lecture them about what they need.

Vous pourrez pas dire que vous avez rien appris aujourd'hui !

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