We must comment and give opinion about what we buy to keep control of comments trend

Ok great, people believe in each others, many surveys confirm that.
The "bouche à oreille" (mouth to ears?) is the most powerful marketing weapon, that's why buzz marketing, guerrilla marketing boom, and other fun "gnagna" marketing boom !

So please, everybody comment
, comment everything you buy, comment on blog, comment on Amazon, comment on Bazaarvoice, comment if you like, you dislike, if you hesitate between like and dislike.

Why ?

Because if you don't, underpaid Indian or Chinese professional "commenters"/"blogers" will soon take tke control of "comment places".
Companies have money to use for manipulating "comment trends" on their products, but thy won't be able to do if if everybody partake (that's how it works in Wikipedia)

Just one risky point.

"Comment places" / "comment sites" must be neutral
, like Wikipedia, and i think comment platform owned by ecommerce website can't be neutral. Who have interest to have many negative comments on their sites ?
Bazaarvoice seems to be a good stat to build independant from ecommerce sites comment platformes (unless they are not strong enough in front of their customers : ecommerce sites)

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