Forget vegan diet, vegetarian diet, the future is flexitarian diet

Flexitarian diet is one that is plant-based with the occasional inclusion of meat. (source)

We often fall into the trap of thinking there are only 2 options, the blue pill or the red pill.

It's right sometimes. When someone offers you a job, you can negotiate it, come back with suggestions, but at the end, you'll have to give a yes or a no.

But it's wrong for a lot of things. Food is a good example.

Why should we decide between being "veggie" or not (and thus why should we debate about it with each other)
Except if vegetarianism is linked to a religious belief, there is no reason.
We should be able to set our diet the way we want.

If you believe being veggie is good for the planet and/or good for your health and/or think eating animals is a stone-age practice BUT can't resist eating a good Vietnamese pho or a good Japanese sushi plate, this is fine. Just skip meat except when you crave your favorite dish.

If you want to make humanity consume less meat...
...pushing people to become veggie will lead to a very poor conversion rate. It's painful and frustrating.
Better t encourage people to skip meat for 1 or 2 meal per week. It will have a better conversion rate. It will have a bigger impact.

But meat industry will fail if people eat less meat?
Could happen but marketing can help.
It can create a new category to preserve meat industry while lowering meat consumption:
The category "Exclusive flexitarians" of persons who eat veggie food and high quality / super expensive / super good meat only. These persons would "think" being veggie is good but they don't want to skip meat because they love it and because they love it, only want to eat exceptional one (and have exceptional budget for).
Meat consumption volumes will go down, planet will be saved but meat business will go up.