Global warming and climate change. Poor naming causes poor reactions.

Global warming is often used to describe the impact of us releasing in the atmosphere too many bad things.
 The word is very bad because and in our everyday life it's not getting warmer. It's getting upset.
It's hard to stand up against something you don't notice much.
People say on TV that if hearth takes 2 more degrees, we'll all have terrible lives. Unfortunately, the world is still amazingly beautiful even if we're dangerously close to this.
Moreover, the word is so general that it does not make us engaged. Global warming is a global problem, not ours.

Climate change is also often used.
And it's very bad too. Indeed, it's weak, vague, intangible, unstoppable.
When I hear we need to fight "climate change" the first thing coming to my mind is "oh looks very big, where do we start, how does it work? Will my poor effort change something?... and something to what?"

Easy to finger point. Now, what would be the right names?
Something tangible, noticeable, accessible.

What I see every day is my "footprint." When I drive, fly, shop, live, I augment my footprint.
So a very easy naming would be "(human's) excessive footprint."
The excessive footprint would mean having a standard of living requiring more than 1 planet.

Imagine newspaper titles "human's excessive footprint will increase hurricanes such as Irma," "COP21 countries took some engagement to limit excessive footprint."
It's more tangible, isn't it?