Feeling perfectly safe. Ever experienced? You should. It's beautiful. #Japan

Coming back from Japan, I realised that what I like the most in this country is that I feel safe.
When I'm there, I disconnect a lot of natural protection reflex.
I start being confident on the fact that other humans are...good and don't have bad intentions.
This is a very very agreeable sensation. It's like the final stage of humanity.

I don't check if my phone is still in my pocket every minute.
I don't check who's behind me.
I don't check if my bag zippers are well zipped.
I know I don't have to negotiate any price. The price is the price.
I can let my bag in lockers without being afraid a guy will break the locker and take the stuff.
I can let my shoes without surveillance outside of temples, restaurants.
Mailboxes don't have lockers sometimes.
Bikes have locks, but you don't  have to carry a huge "U" lock, the locks are light.
You can go diving in the sea and let your stuff without surveillance.
And in the countryside, they rarely lock doors if they are inside the house.
When they drink too much, salarymen sometimes sleep in metro stations, using their bag as a cushion.
And if for some reason you want to talk to the police, you small police stations everywhere. They are very small offices with 1 or 2 officers in it.