Problem is not the huge time spent on mobile & social media, it's that you make NOTHING on it

How many time per day do you spend making things vs consuming things?

On Insta, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Slack, Outlook, Youtube, we mostly consume. Passively.
Tapping, long tapping or double tapping to like, love, thumb up.

What do we make, create? Almost nothing.
What do we build? Almost nothing.
There are debates about the time spent on phones, online, on social media.
I recently posted an article about it.

But maybe the debate is not here.
Maybe the right question is time you spend making, creating, building VS consuming.
If you spend 98% of your time consuming, you should maybe step back and think a bit about the meaning of our finite life.

Guys spending hours on Facebook defending a cause, raising money, writing amazing stuff should not be put on the same bucket as people spending hours on Facebook watching cat videos.

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