Our tiny mailbox are anachronistic! Please do something mailbox makers and building owners

We are in 2017.
We already order most of the stuff we don't eat on Amazon and other e-commerce players.
Soon, we'll do the same with what we eat. I already know an early adopter friend doing it.
And our mailboxes are still tiny cubes with a little whole made to put paper.
I guess it's the same format for centuries.

And - for those who live in a flats in France - the mailbox not accessible from DHL, UPS and co. Only La Poste, the formerly state owned postal service has the privilege to enter inside the building where mailboxes are.
Workaround people do: delivering stuff at work.
This is not too bad, except you then have to commute with your stuff (and go dinner with your stuff if you planned to go dinner).

So what we need:
- a bigger mailbox
- a secured one (I'm sure a mailbox stealing will raise with the raise of e-commerce)
- a one accessible from all the delivery vendors, 24/7.
and if possible, let's dream a bit:
- a one composed of several sub-boxes: one for letters, one for bigger boxes, one for refrigerated deliveries (for fresh food).
- thanks to a barcode reader, will be scanned things entering in the box, to log and guarantee delivery time.

Edit: Just saw Amazon heard me: http://www.businessinsider.fr/us/amazon-hub-delivery-locker-apartment-buildings-2017-7/ I'll be honest. I did not anticipated this innovation would come from them, that's why my title is this one :)