Layers of truth

When you're a child, you learn you can say 2 kinds of things, true things or lies. Very binary.
When you get older, you learn to not say everything, basically keeping things for you.
And then, you learn the notion of "layers of truth." (I invented this concept, it doesn't' exist).
You learn that lies still exist but that the truth is a very personal idea and has multiple layers depending on your interlocutor.

I know what you think. You think it's just hypocritical, opportunistic and Machiavellian.
That's the opposite. It's extremely altruist and generous.

Throwing what you consider as "truth" to a person not ready to receive it is useless. It will only lead to conflict. She or he won't learn, you won't learn. It is very egoist.

Most of the people in front of you won't be on the same page, have the same perspective, won't have the information you have, the experience you have, won't have the same goal, etc. and you have to respect it!

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