A bit of a bad UX, a primary source of brands' failure they hardly detect

Minor user experience (UX) disappointments can't be surveyed, it talks to the subconscious. 
We rarely take conscious decisions due to a bit of a bad user experience.
We just unconsciously change our habits, slowly but surely.
Brands can hardly measure a primary source of success/failure of their business.
They can just spot BIG issues on the experience they provide, the one people explicitly complain about.
Brands should be user experience obsessed.


Before I got an iPhone. Fantastic user experience.
Then I moved to the Samsung Galaxy for various reasons.
Excellent user experience but less good than with the iPhone.
What happened?
I use it less.
Without actually thinking of it, I take fewer pictures, install fewer apps, no longer read my RSS on it.
It's just a couple of facts.
I can link them to other events like the lack of time, a change in my life priorities but I'm sure UX is critical.

Same for my MacBook. 
I moved from an Air (old generation) to the brand new Pro. Incredible machine but the battery is not as good as before.
Of course, I did not explicitly decide to use it less but... it frustrates me a bit. Guess what, I use it less.

Same for shoes. Which shoes do you wear the most? Your most comfortable ones. And the fancy ones you love hurting your toes a little bit? 
You don't explicitly say you depreciate them.
You just "forget" them, keep them for big occasions.

Why do we never use cooking machines 3 months after using them?
Because it's as long using them than cleaning them.
The pain overcomes the usefulness of the machine.

If you suffer a little bit when you run. You'll run less.
That's why I always give to my friends this very looser advice: don't reach your limit if you want to setup a habit of running, stop before you suffer.
Indeed, if you do it, you'll post it proudly on Facebook and then find good excuses to run less.
If you want to break limits, it needs to be perceived by your subconscious as an exceptional thing. If your subconscious identifies the pain resulting from the limit break might be repeated. He'll make you find good excuses.

If the last time you saw a close friend it was a bit annoying, you'll naturally don't propose to set up a new meeting. 
You'll never admit you do this. It's a close friend! But you do.

A bit of a bad user experience is almost never expressed.

People will only surface big issues on ratings, not the details modifying their habits and changing everything.