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A bit of a bad UX, a primary source of brands' failure they hardly detect

Minor user experience (UX) disappointments can't be surveyed, it talks to the subconscious.  We rarely take conscious decisions due to a bit of a bad user experience. We just unconsciously change our habits, slowly but surely. Brands can hardly measure a primary source of success/failure of their business. They can just spot BIG issues on the experience they provide, the one people explicitly complain about. Brands should be user experience obsessed.
Before I got an iPhone. Fantastic user experience. Then I moved to the Samsung Galaxy for various reasons. Excellent user experience but less good than with the iPhone. What happened? I use it less. Without actually thinking of it, I take fewer pictures, install fewer apps, no longer read my RSS on it. It's just a couple of facts. I can link them to other events like the lack of time, a change in my life priorities but I'm sure UX is critical.
Same for my MacBook.  I moved from an Air (old generation) to the brand new …

Transforming ideas into actionable tasks. The secret recipe to make 100x more things in your life

We all have good ideas. We all think of doing things. We all take resolutions. We are all happy to help. We all want to learn things. We all want thinks.
But we're all absorbed in the life vortex: kids, housekeeping, work, commuting, administrative things, TV, social media, Candy Crush, etc. Result is that we skip things most of the things we think of. We don't renounce, abandon, refuse. We just skip things, we forget them.
We skip, we forget because we're disorganized. 
It's like a car without transmission and gearbox. We have a motor (ideas), wheels (the capacity and envy to act) but a very poor transmission between these 2 things. It's not a question of courage or strength, it's a question of organization and methodology.
My top advice to transform an idea into an action: Note it and make it actionable.
Note: You can note it on an idea paper or a mobile app, but don't trust your capacity to remember things. Note all ideas you have. Actionable: What does mak…