Vegatarism raise will erase homelessness war and poverty

Yes, it seems unlinked but it’s definitely linked. 

If you eat animals, you implicitly consider you (as a human) are superior to them. 

If you stop eating animals voluntarily, not because of religion or medical/health reason, you implicitly consider they’re not (or not that) inferior to humans.
You respect them more.

Recognizing that you’re not superior to other animals naturally make you realize you’re not superior to other... humans. 
Even if they live in Africa, even if they live in the street, even if you have nothing in common.
When you realize all humans and all animals are equal, you stop thinking it's ok to let other humans live on the street, receive missiles for vague reasons or being hungry.

If you want to help random humans living far away from you:
If you want to help random humans living closely to you: just give them some money
If you want to end poverty and war: vote for people who seek this and/or stand up for it, any way.

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