We need the Runkeeper, the Swarm of donations

Donations are not something we expose.

We expose where we work, what we eat, where we run, have drinks, get a massage, practice sport, what we buy, what we celebrate.
We expose all the cool things we do.
We do this because sharing make our activities more exciting.
We share because we want to share our joy because we want to make other discover who we are, get inspired. 
We sometimes also share to shine, show off 😃

But we don’t expose when we give to associations, foundations, other people.

What is cooler than giving?
What’s more inspirational than giving.

My company, Adobe, double of the gift I do. I have to log them on a platform and the double it.
As a result, this platform logs my donations.
What if this platform were public. 
People would get inspired, they would know me better, and we’d all give more together inspiring each other and challenging each other.
Because giving would have entered into the cool space.

We need the Runkeeper, the Swarm of foundations.  

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