I see TripAdvisor dying, except if...

If Google wants to display the menu of restaurants and their top 3 best dishes on SERPs.
They'll just issue some guidelines asking restaurants to optimize indexation of their online menu and put on their website with the right tag their 3 best dishes.
All website developers will make it because it's Google.

Now if TripAdvisor wants to do the same thing.
They’ll invite restaurant owners to put in their Tripadvisor page their menu. Retyping everything. Low chance to succeed.
They’ll invite restaurant visitors to put some dishes names and their favorite one. A Very uncomprehensive result is to expect.
Tripadvisor is stuck in this low quality, very easy to fake rating system.

In the end, TripAdvisor has 3 alternatives to avoid dying:
- spend money on human resource who will enrich restaurant qualification and just like Michelin guide, have a mix of professional rating and reviewing and user rating. 
- give money to restaurant owners to updates their TripAdvisor pages to make them very detailed and up-to-date.
- buy Foursquae to become social because only social apps can survive