Chat bots vs apps vs web - the chronometer test and other key indicators

I read articles saying that bots will replace apps, the web. 
First bots are not a new thing. 
Google search is a bot. 
You type a word or ask. It answers. 
Google Maps is a bot. 
You put a destination and it answers a variety of ways to go there. 
TripAdvisor is a bot. 
You put a city and a category like restaurants. 
It gives you back a list. 
Asking to get an answer is not new. 
Bots just do this in a different format, chat style. 

Second, what problem do they solve? 

Let's list "is it" questions. 

If you order a pizza via the Pizza Hut bot, is it... 
... faster than through the app? No. 
... quicker than the web? Mmmm no if you have your password remembered by Chrome.

Chronometer test is important. People seek going fast. 
That's why we love Google, Mac products, Amazon, etc. 
If a new way to do something is slower than the previous, won't work. 
Except if it leads to better experiences - that's why we still go to restaurants which could deliver food at home - or provide more / unique value or cost less - that's why we still go to markets to get fresh food. 
For pizza delivery, going faster than ordering on Deliveroo app is a huge challenge. In 4 clicks I have my pizza ordered. It takes 15 seconds. 

Is ordering a pizza with a bot more agreeable than through the app? Don't feel that.
Is it more agreeable than the web? Don't feel that too.

Having the impression to have a very personal assistant knowing you well is what could be cool with bots. It means IA. It means giving to these bots tons of info. It means a lot of interaction for knowing me. It means also that if each brand has 1 bot it acting in a silo, it will be a bit frustrating...

Is it cheaper? No, same price.

Does it provide more / unique value than web/apps? No, no special offers if you use a bot. It can even be worst. On the web you have special offers, packs, etc. when you purchase something. On a bot the UI is limited and you have to go straight to the point.

Is it cooler? Yes!! 

So in the end, bots will be used as we'll all test these new things by curiosity and because brands will market them a lot. In the long run, if brands want consumers to use them, they'll have to make them better than other channels: (and/or list) faster to use, more agreeable to use, provide cheaper offerings through them or provide more value. 

Personal view: I expect bots this kind of experiences: "I want 2 margarita pizzas from Joe's pizza and one large mango juice from The Juice Company and a bunch of red roses, wherever the place it come from, I want organic ones. 100 dollar total budget, all delivered asap at home, same time" and have the bot saying after 2 seconds: "it will arrive in 15 minutes, M. Bentz. I'll notify you as soon as it comes. Is it a good delivery time?". And I'd say "awesome, thanks (even it's a bit strange to thank a robot)".