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Skin prostitution - no sex, just skin touching

Today prostitution equal sex.
What if a new kind of service were proposed, without any sex. A prostitution where with our without light, you can just touch human skin, on non-erogenous places.

No talking, no need to see the face, no need reaction of the service provider, no need to have a long session.

Human skin is one of the most beautiful things on earth. It’s a very sweet sensation to touch someone’s skin.

The peak of happiness touching skin gives in comparison with the simplicity of the action makes it super interesting.

Music industry: forget bands and singers, just focus on the composer + reinterpretations

Music is a performance.
A song sung ten times, even by the same person will lead to 10 different flavors.
Rhythm can also change, instrumental can change, the singer can change.
In the end, one song can be a huge variety of songs.

Album versions of songs are often pretty neutral.
The real interest is when songs are played live or reinterpreted differently.

Music majors could make much more money, creating value with live songs and different albums.

Classical music is a case in point: interprets are dead 200 years ago minimum, but I'm still hunting next great reinterpretations.
Note that in classical music; we care about the composer, not the singer or the band.
It makes the song atemporal

Consumer will be super loyal to brands... again

After glorifying disloyalty - yep, the customer is king...
People like less and less choosing, negotiating, taking risks.
If they like a brand, they'll stick to it.

Ask your grandpa. People were loyal before.

Being omniscient is so 2016

You can be at a diner with friends, replying to super important email, solving mom’s issues with her computer on FB Messenger and saying I love you to your GF on LINE. You can be at work leading a confcall with the entire world while having fun on your Whatsapp groups, playing with Snapchat filters and posting serious stuff on Linkedin.

After glorifying this omniscient new power smartphone brought to us the last 10 years, I fell we'll progressively rediscover the joy of doing one thing after another.

Chat bots vs apps vs web - the chronometer test and other key indicators

I read articles saying that bots will replace apps, the web. 
First bots are not a new thing. 
Google search is a bot. 
You type a word or ask. It answers. 
Google Maps is a bot. 
You put a destination and it answers a variety of ways to go there. 
TripAdvisor is a bot. 
You put a city and a category like restaurants. 
It gives you back a list. 
Asking to get an answer is not new. 
Bots just do this in a different format, chat style. 

Second, what problem do they solve? 

Let's list "is it" questions. 

If you order a pizza via the Pizza Hut bot, is it... 
... faster than through the app? No. 
... quicker than the web? Mmmm no if you have your password remembered by Chrome.

Chronometer test is important. People seek going fast. 
That's why we love Google, Mac products, Amazon, etc. 
If a new way to do something is slower than the previous, won't work. 
Except if it leads to better experiences - that's why we still go to restaurants which could deliver food at home - or provide mo…