Media war makes the world stressful and fearful. We must resist

Media are in the worst ever situation.

End of paper (except for local news)

Insane digital competition. On the web, paper, news channels.

Free content overload.

Ad only business models.

GenY doesn't watch TV.

Each smartphone user is a media now.

Social media is where people get information now.

What is the result? Open fire strategies!

Media need to increase audience size by all means. War mode is on.

Media are addicted to buzz, intense info, breaking news, huge things, impressive stuff.

They need to trigger emotions: fear is one of the most effective.

They are super experts of making each and every event something emotional through marketing artifacts.

The only limit: deontology.

What is the result? Audiences stress and fear

Audiences, us, are bombarded with stressful information. All day long, rifles of shocking stuff are shot and hit readers and watchers.

Impossible to resist. In the end, everybody become stressed, afraid.

The world has never been that safe.

Threats we face are ridiculous. Example: ISIS is 30 000 people. We can defeat them in weeks if we want it.

Poverty is going down. People live longer. See Hans Rosling videos.

What is the solution? Protect yourself, be selective

As an audience:

  • Protect yourself. Skip media, hide friend publishing full of fear content 's newsfeeds.
  • Put your emotional par bullet proof vest. 
  • Step back. Select your sources with close attention. 
  • Consider paying for information if you're wealthy enough.

On a market standpoint:

  • I hope media will make people pay again and stop being traffic addict.
  • I hope news TVs will realize that quality makes more money than buzz.
  • I hope ad blockers will help regarding the point above.
  • I hope high-quality media will become more and more successful.

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