Boring real life vs amazing virtual realities

With our phones we're connected to thousand of people, we can order stuff, get super interesting content, see what's happening everywhere, create companies, fight for causes, help people, share love and get love.

Tomorrow, virtual reality will let us enter in fantastic parallel dimensions.

In comparison, our real life will be so boring.

That's why people check their phone constantly, even with friends or significant ones.
They're just bored. They're just attracted by more exciting content, more impressive dimensions.

The world waits for you - Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Whatsapp groups, Tinder dates, Snapchat friends, Pokemon Go pokemons and hunters- why losing time chatting about ordinary stuff with a handful of friends in an average café.

Why doing one thing in real life when you can at the same time do tons of things at the same time online, chatting with 10 persons at a time, playing and maybe working a bit too.

Why going out to do somewhat cool things while so many amazing things happen online and soon in VR (virtual reality) environments.
You can see a local music band walking 10 minutes or see superstars with a VR helmet. What will you choose?
Why watching a conference of local experts in your neighbourhood when TedTalks with super amazing speakers are free?
Note that Pokemon adds another flavor: it obliges people to go out and move to do stuff on their mobile.

Virtual realities will soon challenge reality.
A lot of people will surely prefer to be in the Matrixes than being in their reality.
Moreover, to have a cool VR you need a software. To have a cool reality, you need money, a lot.

Will reality by a luxury thing for rich people only while poor people escape in VRs?