The notion of country is over, cities rule the world

Cities are mankind’s most enduring and stable mode of social organization, outlasting all empires and nations over which they have presided. Today cities have become the world’s dominant demographic and economic clusters. 
It is, of course, very difficult if not impossible to neatly disentangle the interdependencies between city and state, whether territorially, demographically, economically, ecologically, or socially. That is not the point. Across the world, city leaders and their key businesses set up Special Economic Zones and directly recruit investors into their orbit to ensure that their workers are hired and benefits accrue locally rather than nationally. This is all the sovereignty they want.
To that end, entire new districts (sometimes called aerotropolises) have sprung up around airports to evade urban congestion and more efficiently connect to global markets and supply chains. From Chicago’s O’Hare and Washington’s Dulles to Seoul’s Incheon Airport, such sites have become the fastest-growing economic geographies, underscoring the intrinsic value of connectivity. 

When I saw the film "Demain" in France, I already thought of it. 
Cities are (again?) the world's dominant form or organization. 
People change things locally now, connected to other change makers in other cities. They no longer try to change countries.

I'm a member of the French Basic Income movement (MFRB). I see a lot of cities leading basic income experiences.

Cities are the place to make business, change things.
Countries are just suburb or cities...

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