People are discovering that life can be simple (as simple as Google)

You find everything on Google, learn everything on Wikipedia, buy everything on Amazon, have the best taxi service on Uber, Apple make the best phones, Dyson the best hoovers, Telsa the best electronic cars.

Some will say it’s not true.
Google is not perfect and Duckduckgo is cool too!
Wikipedia is not as great as real sources of info we have to pay.
Amazon is not always cheap and don’t sell everything.
Uber is expensive when price surges.
Apple is playing with programmed obsolescence, running the planet.
Dyson is a thing of the past, now Rumba is the thing.
Tesla is a trap for rich techies.
Moreover, some will say that these companies are overvalued, that they loose tons of money, that they kill jobs, that’s they don’t pay country taxes.

They are right. Totally right.

But what is frictionless, riskless and thus simple nearly always win.

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