Japan is involuntarily solving global warming and makes the notion of GDP useless

Japan has a way to limit drastically global warming: cutting the number of Japanese by 25% till 2050 without any genocide.

Japan is just disrupting (involuntarily) the way we think global warming. Indeed, we try to lower carbon footprint, consumption but we rarely think of lowering the number of inhabitants on the planet. I wrote a lot about it! I think Japan is an example to follow.

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Japan seems to have a very bad economy.
Taking into account that  Japan population decreases, it's not right. Their economy is as bad as other developed countries ones.
Taking into account the revenues of the country, e.g. the difference between imports value and export value, t's not right, Japan is getting richer.
Source (French)

Japan is just disrupting the way we measure our country economies. The aggregated GDP is out of date in our open economies with very different demographics and people population distributions.

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