The brain don't care of life frenzy, at the end it compacts everything so slow down!

When I was a child, I traveled a couple of times a year. No more. Visiting family, maybe a weekend somewhere, summer holidays, skiing sometimes. And I still remember it.
I remember them quite well.

Now, I travel a lot. A dozen moves a year at least.
And my souvenirs are a bit mixed. I don’t really remember restaurants, hotels, street names.

What if the brained was packing event we live?
I’m not a scientist, but I feel it does.

If we do tons of things, it just packs them.
If we do tons of times the same thing, it just packs them too.
Ever had this impression?

We fill or life with tons of stuff.
And at the end, who cares?
At the short term yes. We like being in a kind of unstopped frenzy.
Then the brain packs everything, including this part frenzy.

It leads to an equation. For the brain: tons = a couple. A lot a lot a lot = a little.Many times = sometimes.

So why don’t we slow down?

Live things but not live too much things, so that the brain do not compact them and keep them intact.

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