Seek scarcity - Seth Godin's advise

I just read The Dip, by Seth Godin.
I won't sum it up; hundreds already did it.
It's a very short book. You can read it in one day.

I'll just highlight a notion: Scarcity.
Most people do some stuff. Few become superstars of some stuff.
Most people face problems and give up, few continue to push / push harder when they face issues.
These "few people" are rare (yes this phrase is pretty stupid). As you know, a scarce resource is a valuable one.

Most people try to be good enough or as good as others.
Most people attempt to eliminate their weaknesses instead of making their great strengths greater.
We should focus on some competencies and be excellent on it, superstars!

What are your weaknesses?
Stop trying to eliminate them.

What are your strengths?
How can you make them better?

I do the exercise for me:

- public speaking: I'm ok on stage, but I have to admit: I'm not naturally charismatic ;)
- make content fun: I'm good at positioning but not at making content cool
- event organization: I don't like that. My tendency to make things perfect will make me double food quantities if food is needed.
- slowness to learn languages: Vietnamese, Japanese, I practiced so much for so limited results... I don't know if I'm "special" but my brains seems slow on this.

- detect next things: I'm good at anticipating coming issues and success.
- create 1:1 connexions: I'm good at networking and love helping people. It has beautiful results.
- structure and plan things: the story of my life. I like cleaning up things and make things crystal clear.
- make synthesis: useful for market watch - I love crunching data, crossing sources to get a perfect data, crisp and helpful.

Anything else, those who know me?


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