How BNP Paribas and Boursorama fight Bankin's uberization. Is it the right way?

Follow up on a blog post I did on the's blog. It was about Uberization.

I took the example of Bankin, an app uberizing bank apps, being on top of them and commoditizing them.

It was six months ago.

Things changed then.

I use it with three banks: BNP, Boursorama, Crédit Coopératif.

Here is what happen now:

Each time I log to Bankin, Banking ask me a one-time password Boursorama send to me by SMS. I have to type it in a form.
=> Boursorama make the experience of banking apps such as Bankin annoying reinforce security (well not needed security as Bankin is read only). The side effect is discouraging Bankin users and encourage them to use Boursorama app.

Edit: For a couple of days, I no longer receive the one time password request, maybe Boursorama got it was a bad idea...

Last time I connected to Bankin, I saw a screen message powered by BNP: You tried to access to you account 100 times, you need to change your password.
To change to my password, I must log in to the BNP website to my computer.
Then go back to Bankin and type my password again on Bankin.
Again, security is the official reason I guess. Again, it's not true as Bankin is read only. Again, I'll have to reinstall BNP app.

At the end, brands are protecting them from Uberization, which is something they must do to survive.
But instead of closing borders arbitrarily, like China before, sacrificing their customer satisfaction, getting out the digital revolution, they should improve their level of service and solve user issues.
Users want one place to manage their bank accounts on their phones. Please help them to do it. If Boursorama, BNP or others do something better than Bankin, fine, I'll be happy to use their app.

It's like Taxi with Uber in France. If Taxis raise their standards, people will come back to them again. They won't win the war blocking streets and violently demonstrating.

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