Tech companies are packaging and scaling unpacked and unscaled verticals

After a first post about the rise of anonymous jobs, I'm quite inspired.
This one is about scaling and packaging the world.

Uber: you don't know who the driver is, and you don't care. Indeed, Uber guarantee you he's good.
Amazon marketplace: you don't care who the vendor is, and you don't care. Indeed, Uber guarantee you he's good.
Spotify/Deezer playlists: you don't care which artists are in it and who built them. Spotify guarantees you they're right for you and popular.
Food delivery (Uber Eat, Foodcheri): you don't know who cooked it. These services guarantee you it's good.

If you prepare food for Uber Eats, if you're an artist distributed on Spotify, if you're a Uber driver, if you're an Amazon marketplace vendor, you're anonymous. You're easily replaceable.

Business as usual, isn't it? Yes.
Most of the people are anonymous in their job.

Tech giants and startups are just packaging and scaling unscaled and unpacked verticals. They act as hubs or intermediates guaranteeing the service vs. money trade.
Business as usual, isn't it? Yes.
When you buy a Sony TV or an Apple phone or subscribe to an AT&T contract, you purchase the guarantee to have aa good TV, a good phone and a good mobile network access.

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