Plethora of choices is outdated. How internet will change our life again.

The world is re-concentrating.

Before the internet:
- if you wanted to travel you just called your local agency or went there.
- if you wanted to eat, you went to your local supermarkets.
- if you wanted a took, you went to the places around you selling tools.
- if you wanted a computer, you went to the local computer vendors or malls.
- if you wanted someone to repair something, you asked your friend and checked the yellow pages.
- if you wanted to know if the new restaurant in the 11th street was right, you had to test it, ask friends or check restaurant reviews in the newspaper.

Business was very concentrated. We had few choices.
Were we less happy?
We did less stuff, for sure and stuff were more expensive.
Again, did it make us less happy?

Then the internet arrived. Boom. It came with a plethora of choices.
As much everything as we want, even more.
After 20-30 years liking it, hunting discounts, flash sales, private sales, price comparators, etc. what's the next step.
The next step is re-concentration.

Facebook leads social media.
Google leads search.
Apple leads smartphone business.
Uber leads taxi business.
AirBnB leads home rental business.
Netflix leads streaming business.

People like these mastodons.
Because it makes their life easy.
They have few choice to make.

A search? Google
A taxi? Uber.
A restaurant to find? Yelp
A restaurant to book? OpenTable.
A film? Netflix.
Something else? I ask Siri.

Maybe I'm wrong but I think people love making few choices.
Choosing between 2, ok but plethora is outdated.
We got addicted by they internet promise: take control of everything, have a sur mesure life.
Entrepreneurs got addicted by the internet promise: you can launch your business and conquer the world.

At the end, a leader will take most of the business and other will struggle.
Is it dangerous use only one vendor?
I don't know.
Uber and its surging price is  too much sometimes...
I don't know yet.

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