Is travel the greatest wealthy people's drug?

People around me only talk about travel. Travel is always on listed as a hobby in resumes.
A weekend seems to be cool, only if you travel. Same for holidays.

Does staying home suck so much?
Does the city where you live suck so much?
Are you travelling to escape temporarily from your life, don't you think you should fix your life?
What is the outcome of seeing monuments?
What do you expect when you travel?
Do you travel for yourself or others?
Do you think putting travel on your resume hobbies makes any sense for the person reading it?
Can't you spend the energy you spend planning trips more wisely?
Don't you think marketing dictate you the place you crave for visiting? 
Don't you think traveling without living with locals and being useful to them is like going to the zoo? 

Michel Onfray, a philosopher, says that when we travel we seek ourselves. 

I'd add, traveling is the simplest way to make our life interesting. 
It's universal, everybody likes it, it gives a cool image. Everybody thinks someone traveling has a divine life. Period.
I travel therefore I am.
Or not.

PS: I love travelling and travel a lot. I just want to point some social aspects of the travel activity.

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