GDP growth is over. Should we be afraid? No.

The World is finite.
So consumption growth is finite.
As a result, I see a GDP growth less world coming.

But a growth less world can create a lot of opportunities and jobs.

Indeed, the world is changing very fast.
E-commerce is rising, sharing economy is booming, robots and drones markets are exploding, etc.

Unemployment won't be bigger without GDP growth. 
Market caps won't go down without GDP growth. I mean, for companies who position themselves carefully's like GAFAs, major e-commerce firms like Nike or Burberry.

Reshaping the world requires people, companies, innovation.
World's big shifts like automation and robotisation are responsible for most of the job cuts. 
See automated buses in the UK  and this article (in French) mentioning a survey saying 2M jobs might be cut due to automation. The absence of growth is a poor contributor.
And by the way, the existence of growth doesn't create jobs. It creates market caps, bubbles and dividends. 
Moreover, countries with significant GDP growth often invest in cutting age technologies... cutting jobs.

So should we consider employment as the new key indicator?
Maybe. Employment and poverty.

GDP is a very old indicator.
An indicator of what? 
I let you decide.

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