French Council of the Muslim Faith - le Conseil Français du Culte Musulman - must hire digital marketers

After the 13th November, I was shocked by one thing. French Muslim's voice was not in the media, in social media.
Islam is the 2nd biggest religion in France. We have a huge Muslim population in France.

Is there a kind of censorship?
Or is it a problem of communication.
I did a quick research comparing social media presence of the two major religions in France, and the result is remarkably clear.

We don't hear the voice of peaceful French Muslims, the 99,99% of the community because Muslim faith leaders in France did not yet built a structure to spread the word on the web and to the press, to spread the true message of the Muslim community in France. They need to hire brilliant digital marketers, and I'm sure that a lot would be happy to help the community!

When you google "Catholique France Facebook", you see official properties:
Eglise Catholique en France Facebook page: 52000  fans
Eglise Catholique en France: Twitter page: 7000 followers (600ish following)

When you google Notre Dame de Paris Facebook, you land on:
Notre Dame de Paris Facebook page, 188 000 likes.
Same for Twitter.  First link is the official Twitter page (5000 fans) and the second is the catholic Parisian official account (4000 fans).
You can also see the official Facebook page of the cardinal of the cathedral (16 000 fans), André Vingt-Trois, and its Twitter account, 7000 followers.


When you google "Islam France Facebook", you see... private properties:
Islam France, personal Facebook page: 8000 fans - pretty neutral content
Islam Première Religion de France, personal Facebook page: 3200 fans - pretty offensive material (blood on the homepage).
Communauté Musulmane de France ou d'Ailleurs: 10 000 fans - neutral
Conseil des ex-musulman de France (!): 6000 fans - anti-musllim
Information Clulte Musulman: 290000(!) fans - regional page, neutral.

If you want to find official sources, you have to google: "Mosquée de Paris" or "conseil français du culte musulman" (French Council of the Muslim Faith), pretty expert search.
And you'll get:
Grande Mosquée de Paris fan page: 10 000 fans. Information is posted on the page sometimes: 1 or 2 times a month.
Note that this page is not the one referenced on the Grande Mosquée de Paris website (nice website by the way!). The one referenced has only 300 fans but more frequent updates.
The Grande Mosquée de Paris doesn't have a Twitter account.
When you google "Grande mosquée de Paris Twitter", you see long lists of official  local mosques accounts
Dalil Boubaker (French Council of the Muslim Faith - Conseil Français du Culte Musulman - CFCE's leader) Twitter page: 700 followers, one post the last 12 months, the account is not used, and the design is not very pro (see this "certified Halal" background image in low def).
Dalil Boubaker doesn't have a Facebook page.
The CFCE doesn't have a Facebook page or a Twitter account. It only has a website, not interactive, with a pretty old design and with a 2010 copyright.

Do you understand what I mean? Muslim leaders in France are not social media savvy and thus inaudible.

Hoping press relation would be better, I google "cfce musulman communiqué de presse" (cfce Muslim press release) and it showed something not very positive. Please have a look. The only link pointing to the CFCE website land on the homepage, other links lead to more or less amateur and unofficial sites.

I believe that if the CFCE spend more on digital and social media, France will be an even greater country. 
Far right in France is good at marketing (unfortunately, as I don't like what they promote).
Extremists and criminals saying they commit crimes in the name of Islam - Daech - are excellent at marketing and communication.
I think moderate and non-peaceful Muslims, the vast majority of the community in France, must be better at marketing too! People all over the country must hear their voice, their official.