2016: I see the "Human" label coming

I love labels. Handmade, low carbon footprint, carbon compensated, organic, fair trade, gluten free, vegan, etc.

I see a new label in the future, "human".

In a post COP21 world, trying to get less addicted to fossil fuel, "human" will mean: 
- Made by humans and not by machines.
- Not harmful for the planet and its inhabitants.
- Not harmful for people.
- Not shipped using fossil fuel.

Rich people, the 10% (see below), will have to take their responsibility, consuming human products, even if they are more expensive.
Indeed, we, the 10% are responsible for half of carbon emissions. If we all make an effort, we'll create another world, human friendly. We'll transfert a lot of money to companies focused on taking care of humans.

The way we spend our money is a weapon. 

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