Good food consumption: Vegetarianism and veganism is not the solution.

Vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, sugar free, meat only, raw food only, etc.
Ethic considerations, animal love, carbon footprint, health lead to banning some food & beverage.

The issue is that at the end, you have to renounce to a lot of things. Say "Adieu" to them.

Who wants this?

Who dreams of it?

Do people consider life is too short to ban so much good dishes?
Most of people.

How can "no" movements scale, even with a lot of marketing?
Only a small part of the population will accept to voluntarily renounce totally to a lot of dishes they like. 
Only an official ban or a high tax can help to scale.
Even if the press love the very strict trends like vegans, fruit only eater, it will never spread.

So what do we do?

What about fighting for "less" instead of "no": less sugar, less meat, less gluten, less coffee?
We're 7 billion. Less is enough.
If 7 billion people eat 25% less meat, what a step! It's as big as about 2 billon vegetarians. 

The indicator to work on, to influence, to fight for is not the percentage of veggies & vegans. This population may grow fast but they will plateau at a couple of percent.

What we have to fight for is is the overall consumption per capita.

Fight for less. Fight for lowering the official recommended quantities.

And it's a tough battle, look at meat:

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