COP21: Who wants to be poor? Anybody?

Who wants to be poor?
Who wants less? 
Less travel, less meat, less money, less low-cost clothes, food, furniture, less air cond, less heating, fewer kids, smaller houses, smaller fridges, smaller cars, less gas and electricity consumption, slower and more expensive transport...
Nobody. Expect activists. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I discussed the fact that a negative GDP is an anomaly in a previous post.
Getting poorer and consuming less voluntarily are anomalies too. 
They are also the best way to fight climate change. 

People want a comfortable personal car, a big screen, fly all over the world (the demand for air travel will likely double by 2035), enjoy a 24h delay delivery of products, air cond during summer, heating in winter, heated "terrasses", escalators, etc.

Why would they want to sacrifice themselves for nothing? 
Indeed, their effort won't change anything to the climate change.

Why they torture themselves, consuming less, in a world made to make them consume more?
Billboards, TV ads, web ads, mobile ads, marketing program, loyalty programs, shops are all here to make people consume more.

Yes, I used the world sacrifice and torture.
Going against our consumption based system IS a sacrifice and a torture.
It needs determination, it needs a very strong determination and nerves.
No way.

How to make people change behavior then?
Make consuming less, cool.
Make it rewarding (good for health, fashionable, generosity or prestige image, etc.)
Companies can help, building great offers and great marketing.
Lobbies and activists can help, doing great marketing.

Look at AirBnB. People go to other people's flat instead of going to hotels. Less consumption. Cool.
Look at Uber. People share taxis between each others with Uber Pool. Less consumption. Cool.
Going vegetarian or vegan. Less consumption. Cool.
Buying second hands stuff. Less consumption. Cool.
Buying local stuff. Less transport. Cool.
A lot of important things to fight climate change are not yet cool: 
Using less air cond, traveling less or slowly - without planes, living in sustainable flats, repairing stuff.
Maybe brands will change this situation with great offers. 
Maybe lobbies will help too.
Maybe laws and legal constraints will have an impact too.

As a conclusion, if you want to make people change, consuming less:
- create your company and offer them great sustainable things or join a company doing this,
- go lobbying,
- and find ways to communicate on the idea that consuming less is cool and rewarding!

I'm doing the 3rd point, plan to do the 2nd and will be happy to join a company doing this the first point in the future!