Are you alone on purpose sometimes ?

Do you have buffers in your life?
Do you have time just for you, with nothing to do?

Think of it for a minute.

I'm sure most of you don't have buffers, time alone and stressless.
You sleep, go to work, take care of significant one and kids, meet friends, meet family, sleep again, etc.

When can we create some?

Lunch, going lunch alone 1h.
Afterwork, pausing 1h in a cafe before going home.
Morning coffee, pausing 1h before starting job.
Transport, pausing when you commute.

I'm starting to create these buffers and use them.
It's a great pleasure and it's a bit scary.
Indeed, it's like reconnecting with myself after long times meeting each others but also facing the emptiness of life when we stop the rat race.

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