Facebook, Mark, please hide all outdated data you have about us!

Facebook, Mark, please listen to me:
Time where people were building albums is over. Time where people wanted to keep track of things is over. People care about the present.
You do your best to avoid content deletion on your platform. No "delete all", no bulk deletion, no "delete it / make it invisible after 3 months" feature.
People use Facebook from 12 to death.
What's the point of letting a friend you ad at 31 years old check that you were married 6 years ago, fat 8 years ago, in Burma 3 years ago. It's weird, useless and counter productive in terms of usage.
You have to evolve with your users.
They don't want to live with a platform tracking their life for the last 10 years and making it available to 500 persons that would potentially share some stuff with, let's say, 4 friends, which means a reach of 2000 persons.
They never go back to old content. I know you know, you track everything.
I know you want to keep the data for your ad business. Fine, in that case archive content. Keep it for you but make it invisible, you can ever pretend encrypting or aggregating it to look smart.
And, between us, you figured out that ads based on people's unstructured profile was not that good, and you now mainly focus on web behavior and structured info such as pages liked, liked by friends, age or location.
So, please hear me Mark.
Follow my advices and you'll make people more sticky and active.

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