Focus on doing things, forget the outcome

I wanted to focus on a notion I love:

Focus on doing things the best way and not the result.

Leo Babauta says "Grow a Plant when you’re making changes: you don’t control the outcome, so you can’t get fixated on it"

Josh Bernoff says "We tell each other stories about the smart choices we make, but the stories are like constellations in the sky, connecting dots that have no real connections."

Seth Godin says "Be remarkable Be generous Create art Make judgment calls Connect people and ideas . . . and we have no choice but to reward you."

Why? Because it's relaxing!

Because if you take 30 minutes to check how you got your job, how you met your best friends, how you met your husband or spouse, how you found your flat, how you decided to move where you live now. You'll discover one thing: it was by chance. Of course you did your best to get what you wanted but at the end, chance brought you what you have.

Because it's very funny and pretty relaxing.
Indeed, doing things wihtout paying too much attentions to outcomes is very relaxing than being overstressed by the result. Does it changes anything to be overstressed on the result? No.
And with practice, it's very funny, you test things, talk to strangers, join projects, do new things and wonder "will it be a fruitful thing or a disaster?". Sometimes it will be an amazing surprise and sometimes it will be terrible but that's part of the game! When you realize that most of the time it's frtuitful, you're stressless. Disasters are part of the game! It's kind of a life Russian Roulette!

How it works?

Size opportunities, test things, engage conversations, give a hand, ask feedbacks to your friends, connect people, work the best as you can, do things is you have time, volunteer, explore.

Don not spend time weighting the pros and cons. It's useless. Do things. 

Most of the time we spend more time hesitating than doing stuff.
Should I go to this party / this business event? Are there nice people here? Nobody knows. Nice people you wish to see are wondering if they'll go or not the same time as you so nobody can anticipate on what they'll decide. Go there! If it's not what you expected, leave! Isn't it easy?
"Should I create a start up?" Honestly, who can give a serious answer to this question. Nobody. You have tons of pros, tons of cons. Just do it, do it the best you can. If it works, continue. If it does not work, stop it. Easy, isn't it?

What do you think?
It's pretty unconventional in a world where we try to plan everything, anticipate, score, predict. Maybe it works for macro ans quantitative things such as a sales pipeline, stock exchange, demand forecast but for qualitative things such as humans relationships, forget it. Do your best, do things and let the life Russian Roulette do the rest. 

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