A bit of geopolitical stuff: how many migrants die every day?

400 people die per month trying to move illegally to Europe in 2015.
71 people were found dead in a truck in Hungary, trying to do the same thing.
It's sad. Isn't it?
Inequity kills.
Our rich way of life kills.
Recent wars created ISIS and created migrants.

Making people more equal is not the only way the system can work.
But if people are more equally treated, they would be a breaking news shortage in the world. Terrorism fertilizer is not religion, it's inequity and unfairness.

We focus on defeating ISIS. What's the point of defeating them if the price is destroying everything, Middle East and Africa polulations including.

Yes, migrants are doing illegal stuff sometimes and a mot of them are un an illégal situation. Yes they should follow the law. But they have nothing to loose as they lost all they had to come. You can't make people having nothing to loose obey laws.

Instead of only spending more money building walls and hiring more policemen, we should check how Europe can help countries where these people come from.
Easy to say.
But even entrepreneurs should love it. Helping these people stabilize their situation will create new markets.
Easy to say again.

Just my 2 cents.

Edits: A couple of weeks after I write this post, photographies were issued and made the world sad and hopefully, will make people react. Here they are.

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