Profusion for free: what if people realise they already have everything?

Presupposition:  We live in profusion.

With an internet connexion and a computer, we have on the web enough to read, listen, learn, discuss, watch for several lives, and it's hyper quality content.

Yes, we have enough content to feed our brain for centuries.
Old school writers, old films, old music, free of rights, free courses, free places to chat and discuss any topics, engage conversations. It's amazing content for nothing.
Zola, Hugo, Balzac, Homère, Dumas, Fritz Lang, Kurozawa, etc.
If you add Netflix and Spotify/Deezer to this, or why not Lynda for learning, you have even greater content for a couple of dollars.


  • We have free or nearly free food for our brain.
  • Food to get energy is very cheap, especially if you skip meat, restaurant and processed food.
  • Getting dressed decently is cheap.
  • There is definitely enough place on earth for everybody. It's quite cheap to have a place to live. I know you won't agree this one but if you accept to be isolated, it's cheap to get a place to live in.

So why we still consume a lot and feel very poor?

People often feel poor.
They feel they have difficulties to make ends meets.
We all have phones, computers, and thus access to the amazing stuff, like anybody before us before.
We have access to much more content than Da Vinci, Machiavel, Lao Tseu, Sun Tzu, etc.
We can virtually learn anything.
We're rich, so rich... With a minimum income so buy food, clothes, a place to live an internet connexion and a computer, we can be extremely rich.

But being rich of free stuff is depreciated.
Yes, in our society, success in life is measured by popularity and wealth.
If you're not rich and not popular when you live and die, well, you're nothing.
When people compare with each others, they don't compare culture, leanings, what they learn on the world and on themselves, they compare houses, cars, jobs, travels.
We feed that we NEED to visit the latests exhibition, travel, test restaurants, buy fancy cars but... we don't need anything...

How to change what rich mean?
How to make people realize that they live an a unique, never seen before and amazing profusion?
Will they be more happy knowing this?
Difficult question... Need a specific blog post...

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