In your job, do people know your name? If not, you'll be uberized

Just a follow up on my latests blog on automation of jobs, mechanical turk and Uber.

I said that Uber drivers were just doing Human Intelligence tasks and thus were at risk to be replaced by machines.

Well, it seems that I'm less visionary than I thought :p
Rumors already spread on the fact that Uber might buy loads of Tesla self driving cars.
And that Google, you know people making self driving cars, just started using its GPS system, Waze, to launch a Uber-like service (they say it's car pooling but, honestly...).

So on one side:

Uber, powered by Google Money, has the algorithm to manage automatically trips of thousands of people and an army of taxi drivers.
They rely on Waze (Google) for their GPS.
They say they'd rely on Tesla self driving cars. Well, honestly, it's more logic if they use Google ones. I bet these rumours are pure bullshit just to explain to complaining taxi and governments that Uber's plans are bigger than what they think.

Google, who has a GPS, self driving cars, a big part of Uber, who is working on the algorithm to manage Uber like business, and OS, a web browser, etc.

Things are going very fast.

If, in the job you have, people don't know your name, be careful, like companies, you may be replaced by Google or Tesla (or Apple, if Apple buy Telsa) self something engines.

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