Do you know what rent-seeking is? You should, it's the key of capitalism's future

I discovered this notion of "rent-seeking" recently. It's...

"When a company, organization or individual uses their resources to obtain an economic gain from others without reciprocating any benefits back to society through wealth creation.

An example of rent-seeking is when a company lobbies the government for loan subsidies, grants or tariff protection. These activities don't create any benefit for society, they just redistribute resources from the taxpayers to the special-interest group." Read more

I love putting the right words on difficult to explain economic things. Instead of rent-seeking people often use corruption, oligarchy, lobbying, elite domination, etc. No, it's just people doing rent-seeking. It's not something that cannot be fought, something systemic, something that is mysterious or the result of hidden groups of influence such as Illuminati, Bildeberg and co.
No it's a practice perfectly identified and there is tools to kill it.
Piketty talk about it in his book.
Maybe the biggest step forward is to make masses realize that rent-seeking is not something anybody can resolve and that it's something "normal". It's not "normal" to do what's in rent-seeking definition (definition that does not come from a Communist Party flyer, it comes from Investopedia). 
Piketty did a great job to educate the masses with his bestseller book.
What is cool is that he's young, a good marketer and that he will continue to make noise about rent-seeking, creating the right conditions to change the game of capitalism smoothly but surely.