No need to speak up, spending money wisely is enough

You want to support a cause, make the world better?
No need to speak up, no need to take risk, no need to go outside and make some noise.
You have already the most powerful tool to do it: your money.

Indeed, you earn a certain amount of money per month.

The way you earn and spend it is everything

You want to limit Climate change: Spend your money accordingly. Work for a company limiting footprint.
You don't like Monsanto: Spend your money accordingly. Work for an organic food related company.
You think Tesla can change the world: work for them, buy Tesla stocks.
You think war is not good: Give money to political parties against war.

The result is enormous.
Why do you think Coca Cola created "Life"?
Because people buy less Diet Coke because they're afraid of aspartam.
Do you think supermarket sell more and more organic food because they want to change the world?
No. It's just because people want it.
Taxis in France are creating a nice mobile app to book them, they are improving the overall quality of what they propose? Because more and more people give their money to Uber.

Seems easy?
It's not.

Saying junk food is bad is not as easy as restricting food consumption to good food.
Saying Climate Change is bad is not as easy as limiting your travel to not far places and limiting meat consumption.
Saying it's a shame to see 10 years old kids producing clothes is not the same as renouncing to cheap fashion clothes.
Saying you're against GMO food is not as easy as giving $10 a month to Greenpeace to fight against it.
Saying you support Tesla revolutionary product is not the same as investing $5000 on it to support them.

So what can you do?

Be selective. Choose some "causes" and feed the happiness of spending your money for things you love.
Then extend to other causes.
Spread the word.

Easy to say. What did I do?

I nearly only buy organic food. I don't care if it's "really" better for health or tasty. I just support the cause.
I rarely east meat. I'm not against meat. I just don't like killing living beings after using so much ressources to feed them.
I refuse to have a car. I don't need to have my own 2 tons thing to move.
I buy as less stuff as possible (my flat is quite empty). Marie Kondo helped me to make it
I try to buy not too cheap clothes from brands that seems clean: Uniqlo, Muji. I know it's not perfect. I should buy "made in France" clothes but...
I give every month 10 euro to people sleeping in the street.
My savings are in a bank specialized in supporting "positive for the planet" projects.

If I'd be more courageous:
I'd buy only fair trade stuff, fly less, give more money to associations like wikipedia, reporters without borders, etc., invest I companies I believe in, stop consuming sodas, stop smoking, etc.

Wrap up

Work for companies aligned with your values.
Give your money only to companies aligned with your values.
Encourage your friends to do the same.

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