6 great iOS apps I use every day and you don't even know - May 2015

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I'd like to spend some time to share with you my favorite iOS Apps.
I don't use a lot if apps, I'm very selective.
I spend hours testing new ones :)
So the ones below are great ones, believe me.
I use them every day.
They are all free (freemium but you can survive with the free version).

Elevate. Train your brain 5 min a day. It's addictive, UX is awesome and... it works.

Yahoo New Digest. 8 news a 2 times a day. Nothing more. Great interface and meta data aggregation. Yes it's Yahoo but it's not bad, give it a chance.

Memrise. Learn new languages without noticing. (and choose it you want to "plant" or "water" - check the app to understand).

Feedly. Yes, RSS is still the best way to consume news. And Feedly is the best RSS reader (for me).

Pocket. Because there is a time to pin info and a time to read info. The best "read it later" app ever.

Buffer. Share on social media when people read you. Not when you share the info. (got it?)

Of course I use Snaptchat to pretend I'm still young, Facebook, Twitter, Deezer, Instagram, Linkedin, LINE, Runkeeper but EVERYBODY does so...

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